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Guide to Why You Should Stop Using Soap on Your Face

For years, women have been using soap to clean their faces without giving it a second thought. We’ve always assumed that the foaming bubbles and suds were working hard to remove dirt and oils from our skin. It turns out that we couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is that after about five seconds of washing your face with soap, all of those suds will disappear down the drain- along with any good bacteria you had on your skin. Soap dries out both the surface and deep layers of your skin, which can lead to wrinkles, dry patches, acne breakouts, or dark spots. If you want healthy-looking skin for years to come, then stop using soap on your face now.

Should you wash your face with soap?

Soap is a type of detergent that can dry out your skin and increase oil production to compensate for the lack of moisture. However, the harsh ingredients can cause redness and irritation, which leads to more breakouts and blackheads! So do yourself a favor and switch over from soap to gentle cleansers.

bar soap

It’s time to stop using soap on your face. Women are constantly told they need to wash their faces, but it’s doing more harm than good if you’re washing with soap. It can make breakouts worse and dry out your skin – not what we want! We all know that when you get a pimple, the last thing you want to do is scrub at it. The best way to clear up acne is by regulating hormones and eating right for your body type. If that doesn’t work, prescription medications like antibiotics or retinoids are available through dermatologists or family doctors (depending on severity).

Cons of washing your face with bar soap

Like most women, the first thing you do when getting out of the shower is lather up with your favorite soap. However, using bar soap on your face can cause dryness and irritation. If this sounds like something that might be happening to you, it may be time to switch things up! Check out these reasons why soap should not touch your face:

  • Bar soaps contain harsh chemicals that strip away skin’s oils which lead to drying skin and other irritations.
  • Soap dries out our facial area because it contains detergents that remove all moisture from the skin, leaving us susceptible to breakouts or even eczema flare-ups.
  • Skin becomes more sensitive in winter months due to cold weather.

Have you ever noticed that your skin is dry or tight, but when you use soap on it, the problem gets worse? Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this connection. Soap can strip away natural oils from your skin and leave it feeling dry. This leaves your skin vulnerable to bacteria and other harmful substances. If you want to have healthy-looking skin, then stop using soap on your face! Instead, try using a gentle facial cleanser with no harsh chemicals. These products will help keep moisture in your skin so that it stays hydrated, fresh, and glowing.

You’ll notice a difference after just one day of switching over to cleaner products for the sake of your face! But, of course, your old routine was probably doing more harm than good anyway.